Frequently Asked Questions

Good to Know

Can I use a Nexera headboard with a bed I already have?

Our headboards are specifically designed to match with our beds and vice versa.  We do not recommend the use of our headboards with non-Nexera beds as they are not designed to safely fit with them.

Do I need a boxspring with your beds?

You do not require a boxspring with any Nexera bed and all our beds accommodate standard size mattresses.

Where can we buy your furniture?

Our furniture is available everywhere in continental North America through multiple online retailers  and available in Quebec and surroundings stores.  You can see our retailers list here

Why can't I buy furniture directly from Nexera?

Our expertise is in designing and manufacturing home furniture products for you.  We therefore leave the other half of the story to our retailers who are experts at showing you relevant products the best way possible and creating a positive shopping experience for you.

After-Sale Service

Can you send someone to assemble Nexera furniture for me?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this type of service.  However, some businesses specialize in furniture assembly and the retailer where you purchased your Nexera products may be able to refer you to one.  This said, we make every effort to make assembly as straight forward as possible and we provide several support tools such as online assembly guides, how-to videos, FAQ website section; our after-sale service department is always there to help too.

My doors are not straight, how can I adjust them?

To adjust your doors, you will need to work with the different screws on your door hinges.  First close your cabinet and look closely at which directions your doors need to go and then open them wide so you have full access to the hinges. Adjust each door vertically, in/out, and straighten them by loosening and tightening the different screws, as shown in our video below.  We suggest you close the doors between each step and review your progress as you go while always supporting the weight of the door to prevent it from pulling itself very far out of adjustment.

My furniture is damaged, what should I do?

Unfortunately, our furniture can sometimes be damaged in transit or while being assembled.  If the damages are showing or if they prevent you from using your furniture as intended, please fill out the 'Order Replacement Parts' form on our website and we will send you replacement parts promptly.  

I think my hardware is missing, what should I do?

The hardware bag can sometimes get glued with the wrapping material or get stuck inside the box.  We suggest you double check before throwing out the packaging material. 

Some parts are not the same color as the furniture I ordered, is that a mistake?

We sometimes recycle raw material left overs into hidden furniture parts that will not show once your furniture is assembled.  We also use these as extra protection at each end of our boxes to better protect our furniture.  This operation allows us to recycle materials instead of throwing them out and doesn't have an impact on your furniture value and look. 

Full Extension Slides Assembly Questions

How can I seperate a full extension slide into 2 sections?

In order to separate your full extension slide into 2 parts, simply extend the slide to its maximum and then push the black plastic stopper and pull firmly.  

How do I intall a full extension slide on my drawer side panel?

Simply identify the 3 pilot holes on your drawer side panel and align the full extension part with them following your assembly instructions.  Make sure the full extension part is in the right direction and then drive the 3 screws provided and you're done!  

How can I install my full extension slide on the furniture side panel?

If you can, try to work on a flat surface at waist level. Identify the 3 pilot holes on your side panel and align the full extension part carefully.  Move the mobile part inside the slide to clear the 3 holes and you are now ready to drive everything in place using the screws provided.

How do I insert or remove a drawer on full extension slides?

To insert your drawer, simply carefully align right and left slide part mounted on you drawer with the ones mounted on your furniture casing and push firmly.  To remove your drawer, push the black plastic stopper down on each slide while pulling your drawer out.  

Metal Slides Assembly Questions

How do I install a metal slide on my drawer side panel?

First, flip your drawer so the bottom side is facing up.  Then place the slide on your drawer side panel with the wheel facing outward and place it so it leans against the drawer front.  You are then ready to drive the 3 screws in and you're done!  

How can I install my metal slide on the furniture side panel?

First, identify the holes in the side panel and align them with the ones in your slide, as per your assembly guide.  Make sure the little wheel is at the front of your furniture once assembled. You are then ready to drive the screws in and you're done!  

How can I insert and remove my drawer on metal slides?

Take your drawer with your 2 hands and align the little wheels on each side of the drawer on top of the ones installed on your furniture side gables and then gently push the drawer in place.  Each wheel will roll onto each other's slide for a smooth sliding movement.  To remove the drawer, pull the drawer out until the wheels block each other and then lift the rear of your drawer to release it.