Everything will be alright !

The saying "It takes a whole village to raise a child" has a whole new meaning since the Covid-19 came into our lives.

The watercolor created by our colleague and designer Daniel Gingras illustrates this new reality that affects us all.

We have already been operating with reduced staff for a few weeks in order to comply with government directives and ensure the safety of our employees.

A few weeks have passed where social distancing has become part of our daily lives and where we depend more than ever on each other.

Fortunately, Nexera lives in a "village" full of wonderful people; dedicated employees who help us maintain a minimum of our operations, dedicated suppliers who go out of their way to support us in these uncertain times and above all, golden customers who continue to encourage the local economy.

Thank you to each of you who make up our "village". It is thanks to our solidarity that we will be able to get through this.